Breaking Barriers. The Czech Republic’s Bold Move Towards Cannabis Regulation

By the end of May, a milestone occurred in the legislative process regarding the regulation of cannabis in the Czech Republic. Business of Cannabis reported that Jindřich Vobořil, the government’s official tasked with crafting cannabis regulation, had completed two distinct versions of the proposed legislation. This is going to be the precedent-setting move, providing a … Read more

Revolutionizing Arthritis Treatment. How Cannabis is Changing Lives

Are you or someone you love living with the agony of inflammatory arthritis? A flagship study from the UK Medical Cannabis Registry gives new hope to those looking for alternative pain management strategies. Extensive research has turned up very significant evidence that cannabis-based medicinal products could in fact be a game-changer when it comes to … Read more

Unveiling the Mysteries of Himalayan Hashish

Hand-rubbed hashish, traditional in itself, originated from the Indian Himalayas—a region not only known for its beautiful, worthwhile landscapes but also for its ancient cannabis practices. The oldest hand-rubbing technique, passed on by generations in extracting psychoactive resin, has a lot of cultural resonance attached to it. This revealing paper deals with the chemical complexity … Read more

CBD-Dominant Extracts Offer Promising Results for Autism

In a recent article in the journal Pharmaceuticals, an observational study was presented that described the neurobehavioral effects of the full-spectrum CBD-dominant phytocannabinoid extract on children and adolescents with moderate and severe Autism Spectrum Disorder. The current study provides much promise with regard to presenting possible alternatives for the treatment of ASD, an area in … Read more

The Surprising Link Between Cannabis Dispensaries and Home Values!

Seattle, WA has long been recognized for its progressive policies and vibrant real estate market. Recent analysis provided by Tomo Real Estate reveals an intriguing trend: homes located near cannabis retailers are more likely to appreciate in value than those situated further away. This revelation underscores the positive economic impact of cannabis legalization on local … Read more

How Hemp Essential Oil Could Revolutionize Cancer Treatment

Cannabis has increasingly been recognized for its host of health benefits. One such promising area in this line of research is the therapeutic potential that hemp essential oil possesses, particularly in regards to anti-tumor and antineuropathic pain actions. This nascent field not only expands the reach of cannabis but also emphasizes the possibility for it … Read more

You Can Get Stoned at the California State Fair

In a paradigm shift in its 170-year history, the California State Fair is moving with the times. Scheduled to open in Sacramento starting today through July 12, the fair will feature a dispensary on-site, plus an expansive 30,000-square-foot outdoor consumption lounge. This new freedom, spearheaded by Embarc reinforces the point that cannabis can easily be … Read more

CBD’s Potential to Combat Anxiety in the Young

The prevalence of generalized anxiety disorders among young people is increasing, representing a significant health concern if traditional treatments do not work. Anxiety is intense, excessive, and persistent worry about daily activities. The more traditional treatments, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and antidepressant medication, help many but leave large numbers of youths without effective treatment. In … Read more