Greece Turns Over a New Leaf with Medical Cannabis!

After an arduous seven-year wait, Greece has finally taken a significant step forward in the realm of medical cannabis. This week, a monumental milestone was reached as the first legal medical cannabis prescriptions were distributed, marking a new chapter in healthcare for the nation. Among the first to benefit was Anna Paga, a 60-year-old mother … Read more

New Insights on the ‘Munchies’ Phenomenon

There is no “high” quite like a post-smoke cannabis haze accompanied by extreme eating euphoria. This crazed feeding frenzy, infamously dubbed the “munchies”, is a tell-tale side effect that all cannabis users are familiar with. But what physiological mechanisms drive this intense hunger to consume ungodly amounts of snacks? New insights from Washington State University … Read more

How THCV Could Revolutionize the Medical Cannabis Experience

For years, medical cannabis users and advocates have lauded the plant’s potential to alleviate symptoms for a variety of conditions. However, the side effects of THC – including fatigue, increased appetite, and impaired focus – have also been well-documented. Now, early research shows that THCV may help unlock cannabis’ full medical potential while avoiding the … Read more

Cannabis’s Role in Preventing Pancreatitis

Your pancreas ensures you have the enzymes and hormones needed to digest food and regulate blood sugar. When it suddenly turns on you, unleashing digestive enzymes to essentially digest itself instead, the pain is brutal and unrelenting. Acute pancreatitis can swiftly lead to organ failure and late treatment is fatal nearly a third of the … Read more

Germany Has Legalised Personal Use of Cannabis

History has been made as Germany lifts prohibition on recreational cannabis nationwide. The landmark Cannabis Control Act passed in December 2022 legalizes small-scale growing and possession for adults, ushering in an unprecedented era of legal access in Europe’s largest economy. As of April 1, 2024, adults aged 18+ can legally possess and cultivate limited amounts … Read more

Weed Gets You Off Speed. The Surprising Role of Cannabis.

Substance use disorders remain a major public health concern globally. Recent statistics indicate over 30 million people suffer from drug use disorders, with stimulants like cocaine and methamphetamine being widely used. Managing stimulant addiction has been notoriously difficult given the lack of medications to alleviate cravings and withdrawal symptoms. However, emerging research now shows medical … Read more

Medical Cannabis Could Be a Powerful Tool to Fight the Opioid Crisis

The opioid epidemic has tragically cut short nearly 1 million lives across the United States over the past two decades. As the crisis continues unabated, claiming 115 lives per day, policymakers and healthcare leaders urgently need to explore innovative solutions. New research offers reason for hope – evidence suggests medical cannabis could be a powerful … Read more

Mike Tyson’s Knockout Blow to Cannabis Incarceration

The debate around cannabis, once seen as a dangerous drug, has transformed into a national conversation emphasizing justice, freedom, and reform. Figures like Mike Tyson, not just a former heavyweight boxing champion but also a vocal cannabis advocate, are leading this charge. They’re not merely speaking to the public; they’re reaching out directly to those … Read more

A New Dawn for Medical Cannabis in Ukraine

In an era where the global perspective on cannabis is undergoing a significant transformation, Ukraine has taken a bold step forward. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy recently endorsed a pivotal piece of legislation, sanctioning the medical use of cannabis. This legislative action marks a monumental shift in the nation’s approach to healthcare and patient treatment, particularly … Read more

Green Gold! The Untold Story of Cannabis and Athletic Excellence

In recent years, the narrative surrounding cannabis has undergone a significant transformation, particularly in the realm of sports and athletics. Once stigmatized and relegated to the fringes of society, cannabis is now emerging as a substance that not only challenges conventional wisdom but also offers athletes a myriad of benefits. This shift is not merely … Read more