Gelato #45 Grow Report

The Californian West Coast has long been a hub for cannabis innovation, but its golden age truly began with the introduction of the now-iconic “dessert strains.” At the forefront of this sweet revolution was the groundbreaking Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). This pioneering plant became the progenitor of countless hybrids over the years, with many, like … Read more

Banana Punch Grow Report

In a recent gathering, cannabis aficionados – The Doc, Ellis D., Mr. Knolle, and Mr. Power-Planter – convened with a unique challenge: each was to present a self-grown cannabis strain, aiming for unparalleled quality. Through a blind vaporizer test, they assessed the strains based on appearance, aroma, and effects. The Standout Strain The competition was … Read more

The Cannabis Effect: Why Mental Health Admissions Are Plummeting in Legal States!

A groundbreaking study published on Wiley Online Library has thrown a curveball into our understanding of mental health treatment admissions. By employing a meticulous event-study within a difference-in-differences framework, the researchers have found that states adopting recreational cannabis laws experience a significant decrease in mental health treatment admissions. This is particularly true for white, Black, … Read more

Amnesia Haze Auto Grow Report

When Barney’s Farm unveiled Amnesia Haze Auto, it was hailed as one of their most thrilling releases in recent memory. This excitement was understandable. Fans of the award-winning Amnesia Haze had long yearned for a speedier auto version. The original Amnesia Haze genetics, gifted to Barney’s Farm Lab by Soma in the early 2000s, had … Read more

South African Police Directive Endorses Personal Cannabis Use and Cultivation

South Africa has recently taken a groundbreaking step in the realm of cannabis legislation, issuing a new police directive that allows for personal cannabis use and cultivation. This is a monumental shift that signifies a move away from the stigmatization and criminalization that has plagued cannabis for decades. The newly defined Act changes the phrase … Read more

The State of Cannabis Sales in August 2023 is Beyond Imagination

Hold onto your hats, because the numbers are in, and they’re absolutely mind-blowing! Twelve states in the United States have reported their adult-use cannabis sales for August 2023, and the figures are nothing short of astonishing. These states alone—yes, just twelve states—accounted for more than $1 billion in licensed cannabis transactions. Can you believe it? … Read more

BBC Documentary Sheds Light on the NHS’s Cannabis Prescription Farce

In the UK, medical cannabis has been legal for nearly five years, but the reality of its accessibility is far from what one might expect. A recent BBC documentary “Cannabis: Prescription Pot Luck” has brought to light the glaring inconsistencies in the system, accusing the government of misleading the public about the availability of cannabis … Read more

The Potential of Cannabis in Autism Treatment

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a complex set of neurodevelopmental conditions that affect social interaction, communication, and behaviour. The impact of ASD on individuals and their families can be profound, often requiring a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment that may include behavioural therapy, medications, and educational interventions. Despite the advancements in ASD research and treatment, there … Read more

The Untapped Potential of CBD in Combating Zika Virus

The world of cannabis research is ever-evolving, and the latest study to catch the eye is one that delves into the antiviral properties of Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the Cannabis sativa plant. This study specifically investigates CBD’s potential in combating the Zika Virus (ZIKV), a mosquito-borne virus that can lead to severe … Read more

Cannabis and Creativity: A Timeless Dance of Inspiration and Imagination!

In dimly lit jazz clubs of the 1920s, Louis Armstrong’s trumpet sang notes influenced by the haze of cannabis. Bob Marley, with his soulful reggae rhythms, often praised the spiritual and creative virtues of the herb.  The legendary Beatles experimented with it during their most transformative years, and writers like Hunter S. Thompson wove tales … Read more