The Winding Road. Cannabis Through the Ages in Spain

Cannabis has endured a complex and storied history in Spain spanning multiple centuries, distinct eras, conflicting policies and diverse cultural headwinds. Its ebbs and flows reflect not just Spain’s complicated relationship with the plant, but also its convoluted politics and society as democratic stability took root following the 20th century fascist dictatorship. Early Origins. 19th … Read more

What Type of Stoner Are You?

From ancient shamans to modern creatives, the relationship between humans and cannabis has always been a multifaceted one. But as times change and the green wave sweeps across the world, a new, more playful narrative is emerging. We’re diving into the humorous world of cannabis personas – those light-hearted stereotypes that encapsulate the myriad ways … Read more

Sacred Smoke. Unraveling the Spiritual Tapestry of Cannabis and Meditation

Throughout the annals of human history, few plants have carved as profound a niche as cannabis. Its tendrils have intertwined with our spiritual, medicinal, and cultural stories, leaving an indelible mark on civilizations across epochs. From the misty ghats of Varanasi, where the sacred Ganges whispers tales of millennia, to the rhythmic drum circles of … Read more

Cannabis and Creativity: A Timeless Dance of Inspiration and Imagination!

In dimly lit jazz clubs of the 1920s, Louis Armstrong’s trumpet sang notes influenced by the haze of cannabis. Bob Marley, with his soulful reggae rhythms, often praised the spiritual and creative virtues of the herb.  The legendary Beatles experimented with it during their most transformative years, and writers like Hunter S. Thompson wove tales … Read more

Who are some well-known stoned cartoon characters?

When you think of cartoon characters, the first images that probably spring to mind are of bright, colorful, kid-friendly creations. However, within the world of animation, there exists a realm of characters who seem to perpetually exist under a cannabis-induced haze. These characters, while not always explicitly described as stoners, have traits and tendencies that … Read more

How is the South Park Wheelbarrow episode related to cannabis culture?

The episode of South Park featuring the infamous wheelbarrow connects to cannabis culture in several interesting ways. Firstly, the wheelbarrow in this episode isn’t just any old garden tool – it’s a vessel for transporting weed plants. This isn’t the only nod to cannabis; throughout the episode, the South Park creators weave in several references … Read more