Runtz x Layercake Grow Report

Barney’s Farm, renowned for its expertise in Californian West Coast genetics, has consistently introduced exceptional strains to the cannabis community. Their latest masterpiece, Runtz Layer Cake, is a testament to their prowess. This strain boasts a genetic composition that combines the illustrious names from the Californian dessert strain lineage. Runtz, a blend of Zkittlez and … Read more

Kush Mintz Grow Report

For The Doc, the mere mention of “OG Kush” in a strain description isn’t just another name. It’s a siren call. Much like Pavlov’s dog conditioned to react to a bell, The Doc’s reaction to OG Kush is instinctual and immediate. The allure is so strong that he feels an overwhelming desire to cultivate it, … Read more

Gelato #45 Grow Report

The Californian West Coast has long been a hub for cannabis innovation, but its golden age truly began with the introduction of the now-iconic “dessert strains.” At the forefront of this sweet revolution was the groundbreaking Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). This pioneering plant became the progenitor of countless hybrids over the years, with many, like … Read more

Banana Punch Grow Report

In a recent gathering, cannabis aficionados – The Doc, Ellis D., Mr. Knolle, and Mr. Power-Planter – convened with a unique challenge: each was to present a self-grown cannabis strain, aiming for unparalleled quality. Through a blind vaporizer test, they assessed the strains based on appearance, aroma, and effects. The Standout Strain The competition was … Read more

Amnesia Haze Auto Grow Report

When Barney’s Farm unveiled Amnesia Haze Auto, it was hailed as one of their most thrilling releases in recent memory. This excitement was understandable. Fans of the award-winning Amnesia Haze had long yearned for a speedier auto version. The original Amnesia Haze genetics, gifted to Barney’s Farm Lab by Soma in the early 2000s, had … Read more

Wedding Cake Grow Report

Rather than merely replicating the genetics, Derry infused his own touch by blending OG Kush with the original Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies mix. This enhanced the indica component of the Wedding Cake, resulting in a Barney’s Farm special with 80% indica. Derry’s innovation birthed a standout strain with impressive features: a flowering period … Read more

Watermelon Zkittlez Grow Report

Over the past few years, the West Coast of California has produced aromatic cannabis strains with names reminiscent of iconic desserts. The Zkittlez strain, inspired by the multicolored candies, stands as a prime example. Naturally, such a cannabis gem is a beacon for global breeders seeking the perfect hybridization partner. For instance, Barney’s Farm creatively … Read more

Tropicanna Banana Grow Report

From Barney’s Farm’s Cali Collection emerges a tropical treat: Tropicanna Banana. Just hearing its name teleports your senses to a sandy southern beach, where the allure of a fruity cocktail meets a fragrant spliff. Touted by Barney’s as a “mesmerizing tropical cocktail of fresh and fruity flavors,” this strain tastes distinctly of bananas. Tropicanna Banana, … Read more

Tangerine Dream Grow Report

Tangerine Dream is not just a renowned name in the world of music but also a significant strain in the cannabis world. This German band, which reached its zenith in the 1970s, is globally recognized as a pioneer of electronic music. When a prestigious cannabis seed bank like Barney’s Farm names a strain after this … Read more

Strawberry Lemonade Grow Report

Craving lemonade but worried about the calories? Cannabis enthusiasts have a sugar-free alternative that boasts a tantalizing strawberry-lemon aroma. Enter Strawberry Lemonade, a sativa-dominant (60%) hybrid from Barney’s Farm’s Cali Collection in the Netherlands. Originating from a blend of Strawberry and Barney’s Lemon OG, this strain promises an aroma that’ll “make your nostrils tingle and … Read more