Strawberry Lemonade Grow Report

Craving lemonade but worried about the calories? Cannabis enthusiasts have a sugar-free alternative that boasts a tantalizing strawberry-lemon aroma. Enter Strawberry Lemonade, a sativa-dominant (60%) hybrid from Barney’s Farm’s Cali Collection in the Netherlands. Originating from a blend of Strawberry and Barney’s Lemon OG, this strain promises an aroma that’ll “make your nostrils tingle and … Read more

Skywalker OG Grow Report

A US strain highly popular in pot shops, Skywalker OG made its way to Europe riding on its wave of success. Among its European recipients was Barney’s Farm in the Netherlands. Barney’s Farm’s Unique Take on Skywalker OG Instead of replicating Skywalker OG in its original form, Barney’s Farm decided to enhance it with an … Read more

Shishkaberry Grow Report

Barney’s Farm’s exquisite Cali collection currently includes 13 strains, with the nearly pure indica (80%) Shiskaberry being one of them. This strain is a must-grow for the die-hard indica enthusiast, The Doc. Although he would have grown it without any prior knowledge, he was intrigued and researched the promising characteristics of this variety. The breeders … Read more

Purple Punch Grow Report

Few cannabis strains develop purple buds when cultivated indoors under regular, warm temperatures. This makes strains like Purple Punch a rare and captivating sight indoors. While many growers are hesitant to reduce nighttime temperatures below the optimum to stimulate the production of the purple pigment anthocyanin, some strains have a unique genetic composition that allows … Read more

Mimosa Evo Grow Report

In 2020, Barney’s Farm added a noteworthy member to its famed Cali Collection – Mimosa Evo, an entrant in the cannabis industry. Born from a hybrid of Clementine and Purple Punch by Symbiotic Genetics, Mimosa has already made a name for itself in the United States. Barney’s Farm, however, has taken the original Mimosa and … Read more

Liberty Haze Grow Report

In the Western world, we enjoy a time of unprecedented personal liberties: freedom of speech, political and occupational choice, movement, and unlimited access to global goods via the internet. However, these liberties are juxtaposed with societies grappling with racism, right-wing extremism, populism, and autocratic ambitions of world leaders. In light of this, the strain “Liberty … Read more

Gorilla Zkittlez Grow Report

When the ‘super ape’ GG4 indulges in a Zkittlez candy, the result is nothing short of spectacular! The breeders at Barney’s Farm have masterfully combined two of the most sought-after genetics of recent years, resulting in the exciting Gorilla Zkittlez strain. GG4, the mighty Kong of cannabis varieties, prowled and devoured the ‘super candy’ Zkittlez, … Read more

Amnesia Lemon Grow Report

Who among cannabis breeders could resist the opportunity to secure the original genetics of a High Times Cannabis Cup-winning strain? The Amnesia Haze strain from Soma Seeds claimed the top prize at the HTCC in 2004. Derry, from Barney’s Farm, was the fortunate breeder who received Soma’s finest Amnesia Haze phenotype post-Cup. This led to … Read more

Ayahuasca Purple Grow Report

“I absolutely need this one!” It’s rare that a seasoned grower like The Doc is struck by such a profound desire to acquire a new cannabis variety. Barney’s Farm’s “Ayahuasca Purple” instantly captivated him with its tantalizingly exotic allure reflected in its name and lineage. The Doc mistakenly believed that the name “Ayahuasca” (a hallucinogenic … Read more

Tangerine Dream Auto Grow Report

Ellis D. has a penchant for auto-flowering cannabis strains. Unlike his friend, The Doc, who cynically believes “autos belong in a dark garage,” Ellis D. appreciates the undeniable benefits of these strains. He confidently places an auto plant in his cabinet and enjoys a relaxed, automated growing experience. The Tangerine Dream Seed and Its … Read more