Barney’s Farm Runtz Muffin Grow Report

Let’s explore another strain treat from Barney’s Farm. Renowned for its comprehensive selection of Californian “dessert” strains, this Dutch seed company has been delighting cannabis enthusiasts for several years.

One of their more recent releases in this category is the Runtz Muffin.

The Birth of Runtz Muffin

To create the Runtz Muffin, Barney’s breeders combined the immensely popular Runtz genetics (Zkittlez x Gelato) with their own unique strain, Orange Punch.

The result was an indica-dominant hybrid (70%), boasting not only high productivity of 550-600g/m2 but also a potent THC content of up to 29%.

Aesthetic Appeal and Flowering Time

Runtz Muffin plants are a visual delight, with flowers and leaves that may display a violet hue while ripening, adorned by an exuberant coating of majestically white trichomes. These plants also offer a quick flowering time of 56-63 days.

Flavour Profile and Effects

As a dessert strain, Runtz Muffin delivers top-level flavours. The buds are bursting with terpenes, producing a varied range of aromas from orange, clementine, and lemon to pineapple, strawberry, and lavender.

Barney’s Farm describes it as an “orange marzipan” scent. Users can expect a magnificent euphoric effect that brings mental calm and peacefulness, without inducing couch-lock.

A First Time Grow: Runtz Muffin Experience

In his first grow with Barney’s Farm varieties, Mr. Knolle selected Runtz Muffin as one of the three most promising candidates.

Two feminised seeds were planted and quickly germinated, standing upright just three days later. The plants grew to 33 and 35 cm tall within 3.5 weeks, exhibiting a robust scaffold of branches with medium wide green leaves.

Flower Development and Aroma

Upon switching to a 12/12 light cycle, the Runtz Muffin plants responded with the typical stretching effect and the onset of violet leaf colouration.

As flowering progressed, trichome production kicked in, resulting in beautifully plump, indica-style buds blanketed in a snowy layer of crystals.

Mr. Knolle found the aroma bewitchingly sweet, noting a strong resemblance to the “orange marzipan” scent described by Barney’s Farm.

Harvest and Drying Process

After 60 and 62 days of flowering, both plants were ready for harvest. The dried Runtz Muffin buds retained their vibrant violet colour, and a delightful fruity aroma that Mr. Knolle compared to a bowl of fruit salad, dominated by pineapple with hints of citrus fruits such as orange, clementine, and lemon.

The total dry yield of both plants was a satisfactory 158 grams.

Sampling the Runtz Muffin

When Mr. Knolle sampled Runtz Muffin, he described the experience as a two-hour wellness treatment. The unlit joint already presented a concentrated fruity aroma.

When lit, the smoke carried a robust fruity flavour with a lasting sweet delight and a hint of citrusy sourness.

Runtz Muffin Smoke Report

The high-quality cannabis brought a wave of warm euphoria, washing away stress and infusing Mr. Knolle with a sunny, positive outlook.

It maintained clarity while experiencing elevated moods and deep physical relaxation. Mr. Knolle highly recommends Runtz Muffin to cannabis aficionados as a true “happy-maker.”

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