Barney’s Farm Runtz Muffin Grow Report

Let’s explore another strain treat from Barney’s Farm. Renowned for its comprehensive selection of Californian “dessert” strains, this Dutch seed company has been delighting cannabis enthusiasts for several years. One of their more recent releases in this category is the Runtz Muffin. The Birth of Runtz Muffin To create the Runtz Muffin, Barney’s breeders combined … Read more

Blue Sunset Sherbet Grow Report

The Doc envisaged another potential Cali strain highlight when a bag of Blue Sunset Sherbert from Barney’s Farm arrived at his test station. A 65/35 hybrid with a lean to the indica side the genetic constellation of which has afficionados click their tongues – Sherbert (Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties) meets Purple Punch (Larry … Read more

Biscotti Mintz Grow Report

Biscotti Mintz was the fourth variety The Doc grew when did a run with Barney’s Farm West Coast strains only. About its parents, Biscotti and Mintz, Barney’s says they’re “two of the USA’s premium and most elusive strains”. Such statements of rarity always get The Doc fired up, and Barney’s assertion it’s a “plant with … Read more

Mimosa Orange Punch Auto Grow Report

With Mimosa Orange Punch, the crossing result of Mimosa Evo and Orange Punch, Barney’s Farm created a huge strain hit, a mega-hybrid that commanded the admiration of growers and smokers alike. It was standing to reason then to produce an autoflowering version of this top seller for afficionados of auto cannabis plants which Barney’s Farm … Read more