Moby Dick Auto Grow Report

Famous cannabis strain Moby Dick has meanwhile garnered neo-classic status – although it has been in existence for 18 years already, it’s still enjoying unwaning worldwide popularity. But what else than a mega-strain should have resulted from marrying White Widow to Haze?

Barney’s Farm has recreated this strain that once came out of Spain by using original White Widow genetics and their own prizewinning G13 Haze, and thereby achieved an outstanding result as well.

The Barney’s breeders went a step further later on and with Moby Dick Auto additionally created an autoflowering version by breeding their proven BF Super Auto #1 in.

Moby Dick Auto shares the fancied characteristics of the regular Moby Dick strain: a generous flower production of up to 550 grams per sqm., robustness and mould resistance plus a very potent Sativa-driven uplifting effect. Plants are more compact than those of the regular Moby Dick and require a mere 65-70 days from sowing to maturity.

Sticking out of Moby Dick Auto’s rich terpene profile are terpinolene, β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene und limonene, making for a multi-faceted aroma with dominant notes of lemon and Haze plus subtle hints of pine, incense and vanilla.

Two auto whales swimming off quickly

Once again it was auto afficionado (as regards cannabis at least) Ellis D. who conducted a trial grow with Moby Dick Auto. Two auto whales he placed into the starting blocks and they swam off quickly, early raising their head above the soil after less than three days.

Not long and the two Moby Dicks presented themselves well-fed and compact, growing bushy with dark green leaves. Flowering set in timely with both plants – after about 2.5 weeks, Ellis D. detected female preflowering.

A resinous flower factory with a complex bouquet

During the following weeks, one of the Moby Dicks revealed a wider stem elongation and thus more open growth pattern than the other.

In the course of blooming, a multitude of chubby fat flower clusters proliferated from the axils and shoot tips, developing into rock-hard buds and confirming Moby Dick’s reputation as a highly productive flower factory.

Trichome build-up started early in flowering and significantly increased from week to week, until the calyxes and sugar leaves were heavily crystalline in the end and gleaming accordingly beautiful.

While the buds of the two plants looked a bit different, there was no difference in smell at all, with both boasting a complex bouquet which, consistent with Barney’s description, fused many aromatic aspects into a mouth-watering spicy sweet scent, as reported by Ellis D.:

“The G13-Haze dominates this awesome flavour which is really reminiscent of lemony incense, but there’s more to it, components I cannot yet specify – but I’m pretty sure such subtle notes will differentiate more distinctly whilst drying.“

After both fast and timely 66 and 69 days, the two grand auto cannabis whales had swum to the finish and become a final 62 and 79 cm tall.

Like an old church bench

As befits a strain called Moby Dick, the two plants delivered in the yield department some weeks later: Very pleasing 88 and 81 grams Ellis D. ended up with, with the smaller, more compact plant being the one with seven grams more.

As correctly assumed before, he was able now to also identify fine undertones of the flower aroma: “While the olfactory association of lemony incense still is a strong one, vanilla beans and cedarwood are background notes also coming to my mind now.

My girl friend has also sniffed at the dried buds and aptly said that ‘they’re smelling like an old church bench’ – which she meant in a positive way since she likes that typical heavily spicy-sweet smell of old church benches or chairs.”

Moby Dick Auto provides an energising force

After drying and curing, the sampling day had finally come and Ellis D. placed half a gram of Moby Dick Auto into his Crafty+ vaporizer.

As jaded and exhausted as he was after a demanding working day with extra hours, he hoped that the stimulating effect described would come true as he had to settle some important things at the PC. And really, after three hits, Moby Dick Auto got him going – sensing a slight tingling in both his head and body, he became agile and mentally alert.

As if the auto whale had pushed him gently but decidedly with his fluke toward the desk, he busily got to work there:

“The weed provided an energising force over more than one and a half hour. However, that force wasn’t overpowering, I didn’t have a rapid heartbeat or so, but felt elated and focused – a perfect kind of effect to switch from limp to lively and work off such administrative stuff.”

In between he took two more hits to keep his stimulation level, and also Moby Dick Auto’s great taste contributed to his buoyancy:

“This top-notch auto weed almost tastes like it smells – a concentrated sweetish spiciness takes long-lasting possession of the palate, with yummy notes of licorice, pinewood and vanilla sticking to it after exhaling.”

Barney’s Farm. Always to be relied on

Also in autopilot mode, Moby Dick has masterfully swum through the cultivation cycle, the two Moby Dick Auto plants I’ve grown have performed perfectly well and passed my quality inspection with flying colours.

Once again a fantastic autoflowering variety from Barney’s Farm, this seed bank is always to be relied on!”, concluded Ellis D. with rapture.

Cultivation data:

GeneticsMoby Dick Auto (Moby Dick x BF Super Auto #1)
Life cycle66 + 69 days, 65-70 days in general
MediumBionova Bio Soilmix, 15 litre pot
EC1.2–1.7 mS
Lightvegetative stage: 1x SANlight S4W = 140 wattsflowering stage: 2x SANlight S4W = 280 watts
Air humidity40-60%
Wateringby hand
FertilisationBionova Soil Supermix, plus PK 13-14 in the flowering stage
Additives/stimulantsBionova Silution, The Missing Link, Vitasol and X-cel
ToolsCleanLight Pro for mould prevention
Height62 + 79 cm
Yield88 + 81 g

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