Lemon Drizzle Grow Report

The Doc has been greatly enthralled by any strain in the Barney’s Farm range of seeds carrying “Lemon” in its name, such as Lemon Tree, Amnesia Lemon, and Strawberry Lemonade.

When a new lemony Barney’s strain called “Lemon Drizzle” appeared on the scene recently, he was instantly fired up and promptly ordered a pack of three seeds.

The strain’s genetic background was just too exciting and enticing to pass up: the legendary elite parents Super Lemon Haze and OG Kush gave birth to this mega hybrid, which distinctly leans towards the sativa side by 85%.

This lineage results in an energizing and exhilarating turn that, thanks to a high THC content of 20-25%, is both very intense and long-lasting.

Equally intense is Lemon Drizzle’s aroma, to which both parents have contributed their trademark flavors:

Super Lemon Haze’s characteristic sweet and sour citrus core meets OG Kush’s prominent piney earthiness, which according to Barney’s, sparks off a real flavor explosion.

With its generous yield potential of up to 550g/m², the strain rewards cultivators not only qualitatively but also quantitatively, and with a fairly short flowering time of merely 60-65 days, which is impressively quick for a variety that is so sativa-dominant.

Additionally, Lemon Drizzle has a moderate nature height-wise, with plants not reaching taller than 1-1.2 meters.

Vigorous Growth and Flowering

As usual, The Doc entered a duo into the grow race, and the two feminized seeds sown quickly hatched out of their holes in the ground. Hardly 3.5 days had passed when the seedlings stood upright in the LED light already.

The two Lemon Drizzles also hurried to branch out, and The Doc was amazed to see how early and vigorously numerous lateral branches emerged from the axils during the three-week veg stage. By the time flowering was initiated, this had resulted in a sturdy, bushy growth pattern with heights of 25 and 27 cm.

Given their heavily sativa-leaning pedigree, such a high degree of compactness surprised The Doc, but he was certain the plants would show a strong stretch in the flowering stage.

This prediction was spot-on, as both Lemon Drizzle plants exhibited much branching propensity in the first five weeks of flowering, almost tripling in height. However, it was a strong stretch both vertically and laterally, so the plants maintained their compact habit.

Early tuberous flower cluster formation was a prelude to the grand, compelling flowering show that was soon to begin.

The plants opened their resin gates very early, releasing plentiful amounts of trichomes that, in the course of flowering, gushed over the rapidly swelling buds until even the larger five-fingered leaves were extensively coated in resin glands. Near the end, after nine weeks of flowering, The Doc reported:

“That’s absolutely smashing! These Lemon Drizzle buds are real humdingers. The utterly massive trichome frost their calyxes and leaves are covered with is sheer eye candy; I can see the buds’ silvery gleam already from a distance.”

Another intriguing highlight is that the plants are hanging resplendent with an astounding amount of 16 and 18 side tops, respectively, some of which are as large-sized as the head bud!

This whole scenario looks and feels like a terrific jackpot of a bud lottery, really overwhelming.

The tremendously sweet and spicy flower scent is every bit as bewitching, reflecting the characteristics stated by Barney’s – there’s both that typical bold piney Kush spiciness and a good dash of lemon.

Sweetened with a note of forest honey, it’s a rich, fascinating melange strongly appealing to my sense of smell.”

It took those grandiose Lemon Drizzle buds 64 and 67 days to become well-cooked. The plants stood 74 and 80 cm tall in the end.

A Bumper Yield with Masterly Perfected Aroma

A few weeks later, the dry yield outcome proved to be above average, even for The Doc’s own standard, which is on a higher level than the usual Joe Grow’s.

His most bountiful Lemon Drizzles had produced 122 and 131 grams! As always, through drying and curing in the jars, the buds’ aroma was even more concentrated and masterfully perfected, with a fine interplay of the three main elements: pine, lemon, and honey.

This resulted in a hefty fragrance that gave The Doc a right-in-your-face experience when he opened one of the jars to take a bud out for his first sampling session.

The Sampling Session: Firing Rockets

When this 0.5g bud went up in vapor in his Venty vaporizer, Lemon Drizzle fired a flavor rocket in The Doc’s mouth that exploded on his palate and, perceivedly at least, coated it with an aroma film that in a most delectable and intense manner conveyed the three salient Lemon Drizzle flavor aspects – spicy, sweet, and sour – to his sense of taste.

Just like the taste, the effect came over him like a rocket: Lemon Drizzle fully expressed its sativa character. Right after the first puff, he perceived a gently prickling sensation in his arms, which after the third one felt so electric in his whole body that it was time to move.

As if The Doc had received a marching order from his brain, he bounced up from the couch and swiftly headed to the supermarket nearby, as he had gotten the munchies.

He bought himself a pizza plus some sweet and spicy nibbles, which he did with a breezy cheerfulness, as Lemon Drizzle had not only given him an irresistible stimulus to move but also a strong mental positivity boost.

“This is such a lovely mood-lifting and activating sort of weed!” he raved about Barney’s Farm’s new strain creation. To not get lazy and stuck on the couch after his copious meal, he took three more vaporizer hits, which kind of catapulted him to the party in his neighborhood he had been invited to.

“Once again, a lemony Barney’s strain has turned out to be extremely award-worthy – Barney’s Farm’s winning streak in my grow room just doesn’t end; it’s one mega strain after another. Whatever the Barney’s breeders put their gifted hands on is turned into green gold!”

For a good reason, The Doc’s enthusiasm about a Barney’s variety knew no bounds.

Cultivation data:

GeneticsLemon Drizzle (Lemon Haze x OG Kush)
Vegetative stage21 days (after germination)
Flowering stage64+67 days / 60-65 days in general
MediumBionova Bio Soilmix, 11 litre pots
EC1.2–1.6 mS
LightVeg stage: 2 x SANlight EVO 5-100, switched to level 2 out of 3 Flowering: 4 x SANlight EVO 5-100, switched to level 2 out of 3
Air humidity40-60%
FertilisationBionova Soil Supermix, plus PK 13-14 in the flowering stage
Additives/stimulantsBionova Silution, The Missing Link, Vitasol and X-cel
ToolsCleanLight Pro for mould prevention

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