Gelato #45 Grow Report

The Californian West Coast has long been a hub for cannabis innovation, but its golden age truly began with the introduction of the now-iconic “dessert strains.”

At the forefront of this sweet revolution was the groundbreaking Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). This pioneering plant became the progenitor of countless hybrids over the years, with many, like the Wedding Cake and Sunset Sherbet, achieving their own cult status.

Among these illustrious descendants, one strain, in particular, has risen to prominence: Gelato.

Gelato’s Deep Connection to GSC

While many strains can trace their lineage back to GSC, Gelato’s connection is especially profound. GSC, in its “Thin Mint” phenotype, played a dual role in Gelato’s genetics.

It not only served as Gelato’s direct paternal plant but also contributed to the genetics of Gelato’s mother plant, Sunset Sherbet. Yet, even with this significant GSC influence, Gelato has carved out its own identity, celebrated for its unique attributes and distinct excellence.

Gelato’s Influence in Pop Culture

Beyond the cannabis connoisseurs, Gelato has made waves in the broader cultural landscape. Its allure has resonated with hip-hop artists, leading to lyrical shoutouts and even entire tracks dedicated to this beloved strain.

The Allure of Gelato: A Deep Dive into its Characteristics

What sets Gelato apart in a sea of dessert strains? A closer look at the Gelato #45 variant by Barney’s Farm provides some answers.

This particular variant is a sensory delight, boasting an aroma reminiscent of “mint-chocolate ice cream and fruity sweet berries.” Its flavor is equally captivating, offering a rich palette that ranges from “earthy pines and flowers” to “skunky notes of citrus.”

Beyond its sensory appeal, Gelato #45 promises a potent experience, with its high THC content delivering a balanced blend of euphoria and relaxation.

Its cultivation traits further enhance its appeal, yielding robust plants that even beginners can manage, with potential yields of up to 650 to 700 grams per sqm.

The Doc’s Cultivation Journey with Gelato #45

Always on the lookout for standout strains, The Doc embarked on a cultivation test with Gelato #45. Despite starting with a shortened vegetative period, the plant showcased its resilience and potential, exhibiting vibrant growth throughout its lifecycle.

A Resin Extravaganza: Gelato #45’s Flowering Stage

The flowering stage revealed even more of Gelato #45’s exceptional traits. The plant underwent a significant transformation, producing resin-rich buds that glistened with trichomes.

By the end of the flowering period, The Doc was in awe, describing Gelato #45 as an “excessive trichome machine.” The visual appeal of the buds was further enhanced by their hints of violet, adding a touch of elegance to their potency.

Harvest Insights and Post-Harvest Revelations

After 70 days of meticulous care, The Doc’s cultivation journey culminated in a harvest of Gelato #45 that stood at 51 cm.

The dried buds, weighing in at 72 grams, were a testament to the strain’s quality and The Doc’s expertise. Their trichome-rich appearance and intoxicating aroma set the stage for the final test: the taste.

The Vapour Test – A Symphony of Flavors

The Doc’s vaporizer test with Gelato #45 was nothing short of a revelation. The vapor was a creamy delight, unfolding layer by layer on the palate.

The sweet exterior gave way to a complex core, revealing notes of rosemary mixed with grapefruit. The experience was both uplifting and long-lasting, marking a fitting end to The Doc’s journey with Gelato #45.

Concluding Thoughts on Gelato #45

The buzz around Gelato is not just hype—it’s well-founded. Barney’s Farm’s Gelato #45 captures the essence of this strain, from its trichome-rich buds to its sophisticated flavor and blissful high. It stands as a testament to the strain’s unmatched excellence in the world of dessert strains.

GeneticsGelato #45 (Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies)  
Vegetative stage14 days (after germination)
Flowering stage70 days / 65-70 days in general
MediumBionova Bio Soilmix, 11 litre pot
EC1.2–1.6 mS
Lightup to 4 x SANlight EVO 5-100, switched to level 2 out of 3
Air humidity40-60%
FertilisationBionova Soil Supermix, plus PK 13-14 in the flowering stage  
Additives/stimulantsBionova Silution, The Missing Link, Vitasol and X-cel
ToolsCleanLight Pro for mould prevention
Height51 cm
Yield72 g  

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