Mimosa Orange Punch Auto Grow Report

With Mimosa Orange Punch, the crossing result of Mimosa Evo and Orange Punch, Barney’s Farm created a huge strain hit, a mega-hybrid that commanded the admiration of growers and smokers alike.

It was standing to reason then to produce an autoflowering version of this top seller for afficionados of auto cannabis plants which Barney’s Farm brought about through breeding their BF Super Auto #1 in – Mimosa Orange Punch Auto (60% indica, 40% sativa) was born.

Accomplishing a real feat, the Barney’s breeders managed to make this auto version’s appearance identical to the regular original, and Mimosa Orange Punch Auto can compete with the parental plant in terms of yield, potency and aroma, too – its large-sized densely packed buds are boasting tons of trichomes which in combination with the flowers’ dark violet tones yields a wonderful visual contrast.

terpene content rich in beta-Caryophyllene, linalool and limonene makes for a concentrated citrus smell and taste reminding of sweet orange candies. Under the hood of this slightly indica dominant auto plant, some supremely sporty 21-23% THC are lurking which leads to an intense blissful buzz with an initially stimulating and later on relaxing effect.

After germination, Mimosa Orange Punch Auto grows, flowers and ripens within 65 to 70 days. Inside, the robust plants grow to heights of 70-80 cm and are able to generate yields of up to 500 grams per square metre if properly grown.

Rapid growth and a timely flower switch

With high expectations, auto cannabis expert Ellis D. attended to this Barney’s variety. For his test he had one feminised Mimosa Orange Punch Auto seed germinate in his „Grow for Life“ cultivation cabinet. Which hatched after a little less than three days, eagerly stretching towards the light and soon displaying rapid growth, it wasn’t long before initial lateral shoot apexes showed up.

The plant’s shade leaves, still entirely green, were slenderer than expected in view of its slight genetic indica dominance. After 2.5 weeks, female preflowering set in – “the plant’s inner clock has made a timely flower switch”, Ellis D. commented.

The flowering stage: True trichome avalanches make for extreme frostiness

What happened then was a veritable spectacular autoflowering show! Mimosa Orange Punch Auto became more and more violet and in the course of the following weeks produced a lot of fascinating picture book style buds! In the end they looked just like Barney’s Farm had described them – they were big, dense and lavished with true trichome avalanches, “an extreme frostiness has spread all over the flower clusters, it once again is a new personal resin record in the department of auto strains!”, rejoiced Ellis D.

He was also bewitched by the intensely dark violet hue which dominated the buds’ colouration, only little green showed up here and there. Hooked as well by the orangy citrus odour wafting sweet but also sourly fresh into his nostrils, he swooned “what an incredible bouquet, a sheer delectation to a citrus lover like me, entirely free of any acrid auto note.”

Branches had stretched significantly whilst flowering which led to a final plant height of 82 cm. After a life cycle of 73 days, near the end of the time window stated by Barney’s, Mimosa Orange Punch Auto was fully ripe and harvested by Ellis D.

After drying: A blue wonder evokes childhood memories

Looking at the end product lying in front of him some weeks later, Ellis D. experienced a blue wonder – during the drying process, the bud’s violet colouration had turned into an intense blue tone with a slightly violet touch!

“This unusual look, not often to be found, has something exclusive, exotic to it, and the fact that this marvellous blue is abundantly bestrewn with trichome sparkling silver white constitutes an irresistible visual allurement – these are some heavenly buds to fall in love with”,

cheered a stoked Ellis D. Even better, heavenly buds he had got plenty of now as the dry yield of his Mimosa Orange Punch Auto plant turned out to be some stately 91 grams. The end product’s markedly orangy sweet fragrance was really reminiscent of citrus candies, Ellis D. felt remembered of those orange-flavoured sherbet candies his grandma used to give to him when he as a child.

Consuming the weed: An effect with much oomph and brisk start acceleration

That nostalgic flashback continued when Ellis D. sampled the weed as with a first big vapour cloud off his Crafty+ vaporizer down his lungs, its fresh and fruity taste reminded him of those orange sherbets, too.

After the second cloud he paused for a moment, because he sensed that a real storm of effect was brewing inside of him already… and broke out after third cloud: Mimosa Orange Punch Auto hit him with much oomph!

With a brisk start acceleration in the form of a stimulating head rush – sparked by a creativity kick, his mind started to rattle, with a fresh breeze blowing into his deadlocked thinking about a job-related issue. He now regarded it from an entirely new perspective and arrived at a very promising approach to solve it.

This mentally inspiring sativa buzz wasn’t overpowering though as it was underpinned by bit of chilled indica placidity. Ellis D. described this way of effect as “vibrant thinking, accompanied by confident assuredness that everything is going to be alright.” That state of mind lasted for almost an hour, then Mimosa Orange Punch Auto’s indica side took over and made him pleasantly unwind with deep relaxation for another hour.

The verdict: Mimosa Orange Punch Auto rockets onto first place!

Ellis D: “Mimosa Orange Punch Auto has proven to be absolute BF luxury class in any respect. This superbly good variety is practically indistinguishable from the regular original, in superior style, it has rocketed onto first place in my personal auto strain ranking.

Barney’s Farm has undoubtfully brought about an utterly awe-inspiring breeding masterpiece with this one!”

Cultivation data:

GeneticsMimosa Orange Punch Auto (Mimosa Evo x Orange Punch x BF Super Auto #1)
Life cycle73 days, 65-75 days in general
MediumBionova Bio Soilmix, 15 litre pot
EC1.2–1.7 mS
Light2x SANlight Q1 = 100 Watt
Air humidity40-60%
Wateringby hand
FertilisationBionova Soil Supermix, plus PK 13-14 in the flowering stage
Additives/stimulantsBionova Silution, The Missing Link, Vitasol and X-cel
ToolsCleanLight Pro for mould prevention
Height82 cm
Yield91 g

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