Blue Sunset Sherbet Grow Report

The Doc envisaged another potential Cali strain highlight when a bag of Blue Sunset Sherbert from Barney’s Farm arrived at his test station. A 65/35 hybrid with a lean to the indica side the genetic constellation of which has afficionados click their tongues – Sherbert (Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties) meets Purple Punch (Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple) in the blender for an exciting  amalgamation.

In an optimum grow environment, these compact plants deliver a high-level performance across all departments: Their steep bar on the THC count scale can bounce up to 28%, and within fairly fast 59-63 days of flowering, they’re capable of generating opulent yield rewards of 650-700g/m2.

A good deal of extravagance is lend to this strain in its final stage by a dazzling kaleidoscope of purple to violet and blueish leaf colours, shaping a gaudy canopy against which tons of shimmering trichomes are beautifully contrasting to the max.

The strain’s terpene profile is especially high in limonene, humulene and terpinolene which results in an aromatic presentation with strong notes of berries and citrus, but also full of sweetness so that  the palatable taste experience it provides users with is reminiscent of a sweet fruit drop.

Almost needless to say Blue Sunset Sherbert’s powerful effect is first-class through and through, combining typical elements from both the world of sativa and indica with one another: an instantly uplifting mirthful sativa rush gives way on the downswing to a pleasantly calming and relaxing indica stone.

What rounds this variety’s superb profile perfectly off is the fact it’s a good outdoor candidate as well because under natural light it completes maturation in the first to second week of October already. Given a proper cultivation scenario, growers may look forward to ample yields of up to one kilo per plant.

Rapid germination and uniform growth

As customary, The Doc sowed two feminised beans and they came bursting out of the blocks a little after just two days.

The two Blue Sunset Sherbert seedlings picked up speed very soon and exhibited a uniform bushy shrub structure after the one month veg stage had been completed, having grown to 34 and 37 cm tall. With their lateral branches pointing decidedly upwards, their shape was a bit more slender than usual.

Forceful flowering with an early trichome shimmer

In the first three weeks of blooming, the plants’ leaves still were entirely green, but then The Doc noticed that they had opened the colour box and started to paint their leaves in vivid variegated colours – only gently in the beginning, but with dramatically increasing intensity during the second half of flowering.

Flower formation was forceful right from the start, as early as 3.5 weeks into blooming, there was a silvery sheen to the young buds which were already quite chubby, adumbrating they were planning on something big…

Trichome-flooded fat flower heads, wicked colours and a fascinating scent 

A plan they were absolutely determined to put into action – the young buds grew into big voluminous flower heads so massively drenched in resin glands in the end that The Doc commented “it looks like a sea of trichomes almost spilling over!”

That red-purple-blue play of colours reached a spectacular climax in the last ten days, as predicted by Barney’s, The Doc got provided with a bewitching attraction of immense trichome incrustations insanely heavily contrasting against a flamboyant canopy.

Much as bewitching was the odour exuded by the buds: “Their flowery scent is fully in line with Barney’s description – as if someone had poured a splendid shot of sugar syrup and a dash of lemon juice into one of those frozen multi-berry mixes. Can’t wait to also taste this stupendous aroma!”, The Doc raved.

When after 62 days the buds of both plants in their entirety presented themselves as well-cooked, i.e. super-ripe, they were rock-solid not only in the upper and middle zone of the plants, but also at the very bottom. Moreover, their head and side buds and displayed maximum density and bulky sizes ­– “this is as great as it gets!”, cheered a rapturous Dockie.

Drying the flowers: Into the blue!

The look of the dried end product gave The Doc a surprise – the motto was “into the blue”! His Blue Sunset Sherbert buds suddenly were almost entirely blue as for their leaf share.

Commented The Doc, “aside from their incredible resin coating, this blue tinge bestows that certain something on them, and it’s a very pleasing achievement that they’ve eventually fully lived up to their strain name.

Smell-wise, these buds are likewise extraordinary – their bouquet has basically remained the same after drying, but due to chlorophyll being absent now more or less, that fruit drop character has become even more mellifluous and been harmonised to perfection.” The combined yield of both plants was 192 grams, both had come very close to the 100g mark.

The vaporizer test: Like vaped “nimm2“ drops, light illuminates the dark hall

After his first vaporizer test with half a gram of Blue Sunset Sherbert inside his Might+, The Doc reported with relish, “when you’re vaping these prime fruit flowers, it brings you memories of those nimm2 drop.

An initial fruity sweet and sour taste sensation is followed by a kind of creamy aroma core the lingering sweetness of which dominates the aftertaste – with this variety, cannabis fruit flavour has arrived at a peak of perfection!”

The two-phase effect of Blue Sunset Sherbert proved to be in no way inferior to this aromatic gloriousness then: The Doc’s fairly gloomy state of mind was brightened up as abruptly “as if in a dark hall someone had switched the light on”, as he put it, “it was sativa vitalization and euphoria of the highest order.” Which lasted about an hour, before The Doc drifted into the realm of indica, experiencing a pleasant body melt that didn’t send him into couch-lock territory, but infused him with warm relaxing coziness.

The Doc‘s verdict: A seamless continuation of Barney’s triumphant streak

“Barney’s Farm‘s triumphant streak through my grow room has  seamlessly continued with Blue Sunset Sherbert. This variety fully deserves the advance praise it had received and has proven to be a ravishing beauty with highest marks in all departments – definitely some sort of blue-blooded Cali crème de la crème!”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Green Born Identity – G.B.I.

Cultivation data:

GeneticsBlue Sunset Sherbert (Sunset Sherbert x Purple Punch)
Vegetative stagefour weeks (after germination)
Flowering stage62 days / 59-63 days in general
MediumBionova Bio Soilmix, 11 litre pots
EC1.2–1.8 mS
Lightup to 7 x SANlight Q6W = 1505 watts
Air humidity40-60%
FertilisationBionova Soil Supermix, plus PK 13-14 in the flowering stage  
Additives/stimulantsBionova Silution, The Missing Link, Vitasol and X-cel
ToolsCleanLight Pro for mould prevention
Height76 and 82,5 cm
Yieldtogether, 192 g

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