What is Piattella Hash?

Piattella Hash is a groundbreaking cannabis concentrate that has been making waves in the cannabis community. Originating from Uncle’s Farm Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona, Spain, Piattella Hash is a unique form of hashish. The difference here to normal hash making is that this technique focuses on preserving the freshness of trichomes.

Unlike traditional hash, Piattella Hash is created by using a recently discovered cold-curing process that can make a significant difference to the overall flavour, potency, and texture, giving a final product that looks a bit like some kind of yummy pudding.

The name “Piattella” originates from an Italian word “piatto,” which means “flat,” a nod to the extraction process that is used to compress the Piattella hash into a flat form.

The hash is produced using high-quality bubble hash made from fresh frozen plant material. This bubble hash is then cold-cured until it attains a butter-like consistency.

The cold-curing process allows the hash to transform naturally into a smooth and creamy texture without being exposed to heat or oxidation, which can degrade the terpene and cannabinoid content.

This unique production process sets Piattella Hash apart from other types of hashish, such as Lebanese Hash, Afghan and Rosin etc. See this on Youtube.

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The Cold-Curing Technique

The cold-curing technique is the cornerstone of Piattella Hash’s uniqueness. Developed by Zio from Uncle’s Farm Cannabis Social Club, this technique involves curing the hash at temperatures ranging from 4 to 10°C.

The cold-curing process not only enhances the terpene and cannabinoid profile of the hashish, but also extends the final shelf-life of the product. Zio’s method involves placing the bubble hash in a vacuum-sealed container, letting it naturally sweat, achieving the desired buttery consistency. Mmmm.

The cold-curing process minimises oxidation, which is crucial for preserving the terpene and cannabinoid content. Oxidation can darken the colour of the hash and degrade its quality. By reducing the rate of oxidation, Piattella Hash maintains its light colour and rich flavour profile, making it a favourite among cannabis connoisseurs.

How to Make Your Own Piattella Hash

Making Piattella Hash at home is a rewarding experience that requires premium quality, full-melt bubble hash extracted from fresh-frozen plant material. The first step is to place the bubble hash in a vacuum-sealing bag and remove all the air, compressing the hash together.

This is where Piattella gets its name, as “piatto” means flat in Italian. Once compressed, store the hash in an airtight container away from heat and light.

During the cold-curing process, it’s crucial to maintain temperatures between 4 and 10°C to prevent degradation and preserve its texture. Patience is key to achieving the desired butter-like consistency.

Piattella Hash – A Revolution in the Making

Piattella Hash is more than just a new form of cannabis concentrate; it represents a significant shift in the cannabis industry. Its unique production process, extended shelf-life, and high terpene content make it a promising addition to the world of cannabis.

Serge Damirjian, CEO of Fiore and Serge Cannabis, believes that Piattella Hash is the next emerging trend in the cannabis industry, especially among hashish connoisseurs.

The easy-to-handle texture and rich flavour profile of this incredible hash means it a must-try for anyone interested in exploring the future of cannabis concentrates. Would you like to try Piattella Hash?

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