UK Medical Cannabis Crowdfunder

Imagine a scenario where nearly 2 million people in the UK are forced to access cannabis illegally just to manage their health conditions.

This is not a hypothetical situation; it’s a reality that many individuals face daily. Despite the legalization of prescription cannabis in November 2018, a staggering number of people are still unaware of its existence and potential benefits.

This lack of awareness has led to a hidden epidemic of self-medication, where individuals are risking their health and freedom to find relief.

The UK Cannabis Industry Council aims to change this.

The Misconceptions Surrounding Prescription Cannabis

One of the primary reasons for the low uptake of prescription cannabis in the UK is the persistent misconceptions surrounding its legality and efficacy.

A recent survey by Releaf clinic revealed that around half of the population is unsure about the legal status of medical cannabis. This confusion is not limited to the general public; many doctors are also unaware of the legal changes and the potential benefits of cannabis for various health conditions.

These misconceptions have created a significant barrier to access, leaving countless individuals without a safe and legal alternative to manage their symptoms.

The Untapped Potential of Prescription Cannabis

The potential of prescription cannabis to improve public health and reduce the burden on the healthcare system is immense.

With around a third of the UK population living with some form of chronic pain condition, cannabis could provide a safer and more effective alternative to opioids, which were prescribed over 50 million times in 2022.

Countries like Australia, with half the population of the UK, have ten times as many patients accessing prescription cannabis, highlighting the untapped potential in the UK market.

By expanding medicinal cannabis prescribing, we could not only improve patient outcomes but also reduce NHS waiting lists and cut opioid dependency.

The Call to Action for Public Awareness

To unlock the full potential of prescription cannabis in the UK, we need to prioritize public awareness and education.

The Cannabis Industry Council (CIC) has launched an online crowdfunder to kickstart a campaign aimed at generating awareness of prescription cannabis among the general public.

The initial goal is to raise £20,000 to undertake public relations and promotional activities, with the allocations overseen by the CIC leadership team and major donors.

This campaign is a crucial step towards ensuring that every individual who could benefit from prescription cannabis has access to safe, legal, and effective treatment options.

We urge the industry and the public to support this initiative and help us create a world where no one has to suffer unnecessarily.

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