How CBD Could Heal Your Next Bone Break

Ugh, broken bones are the worst! One wrong step during soccer practice or slippery fall on the ice and snap – there goes your ankle, arm, or worse.

Not only does it hurt a great deal initially, but then you have to hobble around on crutches for weeks while it slowly heals.

But what if certain natural supplements could make bones mend stronger and faster? Keep reading to find out how cannabis – yes, weed – could actually help to cut your recovery time!

Back in 2015, researchers wondered if CBD (cannabidiol), a chemical from cannabis and hemp plants, might help broken bones heal better. They knew CBD had potential health benefits for pain, anxiety, and more by interacting with receptors in our bodies that make up the endocannabinoid system.

But bone healing? That was a new idea!

To test it, they performed experiments on rats with fractured femurs (the big leg bone). One group only got standard bone repair treatment while the CBD group got the same PLUS daily CBD injections.

After 8 weeks, X-rays showed the CBD rats’ fractures mended way better than the control group! Their bones were up to 50% stronger in areas like mineralization and collagen crosslinks, which provide stability. Basically, the CBD rapidly improved early bone regeneration.

According to the researchers, CBD’s healing effects come from stimulating special cells called osteoblasts. These cells build new bone tissue, including producing collagen, the protein “scaffolding” that holds bones together. CBD ramps up collagen development through enzymes called lysyl hydroxylases.

While rat and human bones aren’t exactly the same, researchers said this discovery could eventually lead to CBD-based treatments for people too.

Could CBD Work Bone Healing Magic In Humans Too?

If you’ve ever dealt with a fracture, you know weeks or months of discomfort, immobilization, awkwardness and rehab sounds like a drag. What if popping some CBD capsules minimized all that?

Based on the promising rat study, experts think CBD could speed up fracture recovery in humans too. But how?

Mainly by reducing inflammatory chemicals that delay healing and improving bone-building cell activity like we saw in rodents. Both would combine to stabilize fractures and prompt quicker remodeling.

CBD could also ease pain from the break itself and surgery if needed. Studies show it lessens various chronic pain conditions by interacting with endocannabinoid receptors in areas that process pain signals.

Of course, more human research is essential before CBD becomes an official bone healing therapy. But scientists are optimistic about the possibilities. In a few years, your orthopedist may well recommend CBD supplements after injuries or procedures!

Could CBD Replace Traditional Meds for Bone Healing?

If future human trials succeed, CBD would offer physical and mental advantages over current standard bone medications.

For example, anti-inflammatory NSAIDs like ibuprofen help relieve surgical pain and swelling but cause gut, liver and kidney side effects with prolonged use. And opioids, while effective post-surgically, carry addiction risks that limit prescription length.

Meanwhile, CBD appears safer with lower toxicity and addiction potential. Patients seem to tolerate both oral capsules and inhaled methods quite well.

CBD may also beat out old standbys through direct bone regeneration effects. Common osteoporosis drugs like bisphosphonates maintain density but don’t spur fresh growth. And growth factors that stimulate cell activity are very expensive.

In contrast, CBD specifically activates osteoblast cells needed for remaking broken or weakened areas into healthy bone. It’s like pressing a “speed heal” button after an injury!

The Future of Fracture Recovery?

While CBD therapies for bone regeneration might still be some years away, current science clearly shows promise. The cannabis compound’s safety profile and dual physical-mental impacts could give it an edge over traditional medications too.

Now quick, everyone go break an arm so we can get more clinical trials! Kidding – don’t do that. But if you’re currently laid up with a crack or break, maybe chat with your doctor about CBD’s potential.

It could help you ditch those crutches even faster.

CBN for the win?

More recent research shows that Cannabinol (CBN), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from aged THC, is emerging as a significant player in bone health.

CBN’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system, particularly CB1 and CB2 receptors, suggests its role in improving bone health and potentially treating conditions like osteoporosis.

With options like supplements, topical applications, and combinations with other nutrients, incorporating CBN into daily routines could offer a natural alternative for enhancing bone health.

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